Official Call of Santa® Advanced Presents

Official Call of Santa® Advanced Presents

The official Game trailer

Sonic vs knuckles

Songee slowed up


One day Mario was watching tv when dora pulled out a gun and shot him. then dark dora was born in the chuck Norris gwalaxy of stwupid malleo gwallaxy. Ever since stupid Mario galaxy 2 came out dark dora wants revenge on luigi for escaping. After 2 years Rudolph came with tnt strapped to his body. santa pulled out his minigun and murdered the half monkey from the ninth dimension half waluigi half Darth dark dora army. But then lord evil easybake oven came prepared with zombie mutant ninja easybake ovens. and santa had gangster elves. Soon all elves were dead...but one of santas followers came up... Rudolph the exploding raindear. He bit the nuke on his hand while santa escaped into the sunset.


Marios dead body was flying and eating pokemon. Weegee and Luigi were killing each other.

Songee slowed
Scribblenauts maxwell farts by fruztal-d6y3rol

Dark dora looks like this

up, slapped marios dead pokemon eating body, then slowed away.

wheatly was smoking but was then caught and went to prison. Rudolph was dead. that's why he went up in history.