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The Legend of Zelda A Link between Worlds is like a sequel to A Link to the Past.

The Legend of Zelda- A Link Between Worlds - Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - A New Hero (Nintendo 3DS)32:35

The Legend of Zelda- A Link Between Worlds - Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - A New Hero (Nintendo 3DS)

Story Edit

Following the events of A game, the hobo family of Dirtmud elected to spit on the illuminati to stop evil from rising again. This had the effect of returning each part to its elected owner. One part returned to the deceased demon king Who is a pig, one part stayed with the Hobo family, and a third part took its rightful place in the land of teletubbies.

Lonk, who is the apprentice of a Snoopy, goes to deliver a Cheeseburger to a captain at Hyrule Castle, only to encounter a mysterious figure named JOHN CENA DA DA DUN DAA DA DAA DA DUN DAUN, who transforms into a sage, CenaClone, into a painting. After being knocked out during the fight, Link is found by a merchant named Ravio, who gives him a bracelet in exchange for being allowed to stay in his home, and informs him to report what had happened to Princess Zelda. Zelda gives Link the Pendant of Courage and instructs Link to seek out the other pendants of Power and Wisdom in order to gain the power of the Master Sword. Along the way, Link has another encounter with Yuga and is turned into a painting himself. However, thanks to Ravio's bracelet, Link is protected from Yuga's spell and gains the ability to merge with walls and move around as a painting. After finding the other pendants and obtaining the Master Sword, Link returns to Hyrule Castle where he witnesses Yuga transform Zelda into a painting. Link pursues Yuga through a dimensional crack, arriving in the twisted decaying kingdom of Lorule. There, Yuga uses Zelda and the descendants of seven sages, who he had all trapped inside paintings, to revive the Ganon and fuse with him, obtaining the Triforce of Power in the process. Just then, Link is assisted by Princess Hilda, the ruler of Lorule, who traps Yuga in magic bonds. Some stupid crap happens and then it ends.

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